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About Brady Tiny Homes

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A Little About Me

Father, Designer, Creator

My name is John Brady, from a young age I have always tried to find a balance between beauty and function. I started with designing "unique" cars and that has grown throughout the years. When I was in high-school I chose to take an advanced engineering class where I learned the ins and outs of design systems. I became quite proficient in these systems and learned how to view the world through the eyes of someone else. 

In college, I started to focus on other fields but after a couple years I was a little lost as to what I really wanted to do with my career. I remembered back to how much I enjoyed my engineering classes and found a job at a cabinet company as a designer. Since then I have had the privilege to see my designs installed in hundreds of homes across 15 states. Now, I am excited on starting my own adventure and showing my skills I have developed over the past 13 years and see them come to life in your tiny home. 

The Legacy

In the late 1800s my great, great grandparents Christopher and Nancy Brady moved their family from Garlandville Mississippi in search of religious freedom. They found refuge in a small farming community in southern Colorado called Manassa.  Christopher and Nancy established a standard of hard work, the family internalized these principles and this has lead to generations of determined individuals. My grandpa, Boyd Brady, implemented this standard and was able to care for a 900 acre farm and raise cattle along with his brother and their children. Shortly after birth a new calf gets a unique brand burned onto its shoulder, this brand is unique and becomes a symbol for the farm and the family. In 2021 the Boyd Brady farm has all been sold but to continue the family legacy I have adopted the same brand in my own way. The arrow and N that you see on our website and subtly implemented in your tiny home is the same brand my grandpa used for many years on his cattle. This is done in reverence to my family name and the great work that has always been associated with it. 

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Christopher and Nancy Brady with family

Our Process

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