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Designer Tiny Homes

Why Go for Designer Tiny Homes?

In some circles, the point of tiny homes is to save money. This can make the idea of investing in designer tiny homes a bit of a shock. However, there are several reasons to go for the designer version over the less-expensive options.

The first reason to choose from designer tiny homes is to ensure a high-quality, luxurious experience. If this is what you're looking for, you likely also want your tiny home to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and to have as many amenities as will fit inside. Working with a designer ensures that the house has the desired physical properties, such as being well-insulated and needing little energy to keep comfortable. It also means that you'll have the option of adding plenty of luxurious elements, such as granite countertops, effective washers and dryers, and other modern attributes.

While it's possible to add things to tiny homes without a designer, having one involved in the planning stages will save a lot of grief and possible disappointment. Someone with a good eye for design will be able to fit more accessories into a space, and do so without it ending up too crowded. Remember, this will be your home, so you want to be able to get comfortable while you're inside!

You also need to ensure that your home will fit on your intended piece of property. Many people get tiny homes because they don't use up much land. A good designer will be able to meet the zoning requirements of your chosen area, and do so without the house seeming as if it's crowded onto the lot.

To see some tiny home ideas and schedule an appointment with a builder and designer, contact Brady Tiny Homes.

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